About Oregon Woodworker George Hodges III

Crafting Dreams, One Grain at a Time

Discover the journey of George Hodges III, your local Master Craftsman. From his humble beginnings in Louisiana to caring for his community in Bend, George has always been about caring for others and honing his craft.

The Seeds of Craftsmanship

George Hodges III from Woodworx in a plaid shirt standing in front of a wooden wall.

George Hodges, III
Young Treehouse Builder

Early Inspiration

In the rustic expanses of Northwest Louisiana, young George’s hands first danced to the rhythm of repairs under his grandfather’s watchful eye.

Gift of Craft

Aged 13, a gifted jigsaw from his mother unlocked a world of creation, leading to his first masterpiece – a humble yet dreamful treehouse.

Spark Ignited

Each plank sawed, each nail hammered, nurtured the burgeoning craftsman within, setting the stage for a lifelong journey in woodworking.

The Journey of Joinery

Texas Trails

The rustic charm of Texas and its quaint Antique Malls beckoned, igniting George’s fascination with the eloquence of joinery.


Inherited tools from his Great Aunt turned a carport into George’s sanctuary of shavings and sawdust, where old antiques found new breath.

Mentor’s Challenge

A builder of homes challenged George in crafting cabinet doors, a venture that honed his skills, crafting homes with handcrafted doors.

George Hodges, III
Antique Reviver

The Dream Blossoms

George Hodges, III
Community Craftsman

Bay Area Blooms

In the vibrant Bay area, George’s skills flowered into a licensed cabinet maker and finish carpenter, crafting dreams in wood.

Oregon Calls

The serene landscapes of Central Oregon whispered, drawing George, his wife Lori, and dog Amanda “Panda” to the heart of Bend.

Community Craft

Proud to call Bend home, George now crafts dreams into reality, each day a continued journey of serving this community with refined expertise.

His ideas for the designs were excellent, and the workmanship was really exceptional.

– A.S.

The Woodworx Process

Step 4


Understanding the Scope, having a plan, being committed, and approving finish details, we can now begin with the end in sight.

Whether your project is a simple bookcase or a complete kitchen remodel this process together will ensure your satisfaction upon the completion of your project.

Step 1

Let's Meet

Preferably in person in the space you need Woodworx services so that George and his team can see clearly not only your project vision, but the surroundings it will tie into.

There will be plenty of action from a tape measure and pencil. There are lots of "Hows" to answer when developing a plan and trained eyes go a long way. To understand all aspects of the scope of work at hand is of utmost importance.

If in person does not work then today's technologies and photos can capture surroundings to provide answers to enough questions to perhaps create a proposal.

Step 2


Now understanding the Scope of Work, a framework can be laid out to define the phases of your project that include all tasks and materials.

With these details being clear a cost can be placed on each one. Along with the framework of phases to arrive at costs, there may be sketches and some plan drawings for review with costs to ensure your projects concept is clearly defined and understood.

Typically within 1-2 weeks a proposal will be presented to you for review. A second in person meeting is always possible.

Step 3


After your review and acceptance we go down this path together. A Scope of Work Contract, schedules, working drawings, samples for approval just to name a few steps.

George guarantees his hands-on involvement with you. At this stage, we'll establish when progress will begin and when your completed project will be delivered.

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I was very impressed with the work he did for me. I, of course, have no reservations about recommending him to anyone.

– J.W.


A black desk with drawers in it.

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A staircase with black railing and white walls.

Finished Carpentry

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A wooden front door with glass panels.

Kitchen Remodels

Makeover your Bend kitchen with a contemporary island and custom cabinets.

A wooden front door with glass panels.

Bathroom Remodels

Refresh your Bend bathroom with a modern vanity having a classic look.

A modern kitchen with wooden shelves and a stove.

Custom Shelving

Blending function with finesse for shelves all around your home.

A close up of a wooden dresser with drawers.

Custom Furniture

Distinct Bend craftsmanship, weaving your vision into tangible art.

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